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Corporate seated massage

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Seated chair massage is an adaptation of massage whereby the recipient is placed in a specialised chair that is designed to support the body and put the patient into a position that helps to release tension and relax muscles. The massage is performed through clothing, without oils and lotions and takes around 10-20 minutes. Techniques from deep tissue, Swedish and Shiatsu massages are used and typically focus on the muscle groups in the neck, shoulders, back and arms. Although commonly used in corporate settings, this modality can also be really useful for people with limited mobility who struggle to get on and off a conventional massage table or for those who struggle to lie down. Seated chair massages are not typically intended to replace treatment for injuries or medical conditions but are designed as an effective stress management technique that triggers a relaxation response. 

In terms of corporate settings, people are increasingly desk bound, can be sitting for 8-10 hours a day and often have poor posture. Muscles in the front of the body get short and tight, leaving muscles in the upper back and shoulders taut and overstretched, resulting in pain. Blood flow through the body can be impeded and people can experience mental fogginess, decreased energy and increased susceptibility to repetitive strain injuries. Not only that but the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures show that:


Regular chair massage, particularly in a corporate setting, can


I have my own portable massage chair that can be set up almost anywhere, and I can work in offices, at conferences, fairs/exhibitions or private parties in and around Edinburgh. If you are interested in employing my services for seated chair massage, please get in touch for more information and costs - or 07527154675.

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