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Vanessa Skelton

Vanessa Skelton Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy providing services in Edinburgh city centre and Portobello to help treat sports injuries and ease chronic pain


The body experiences massive change (physical, hormonal, emotional) throughout pregnancy and following birth. As your posture changes through pregnancy, your muscles and surrounding soft tissues can overwork and shorten or become stretched, causing pain and discomfort. Soft tissue therapy is a great way of identifying the causes of pain and discomfort and treating them effectively so that you can feel more comfortable in your own body. It also allows you all important rest and relaxation time and aids restful sleep. This is so much more than just a relaxation massage! 



Pregnancy massage is suitable for anyone in their second and third trimester. You will need to complete a pre-screening questionnaire to highlight any health issues that I may need to be aware of whilst treating you. The initial consultation will put together a plan of action bespoke to you to get you feeling more at ease and moving better. During the session, you will be supported with pillows and bolsters to ensure you are comfortable, either on your side or in an elevated position on your back, and you will be covered with a sheet (and blankets in necessary) with only the part being treated uncovered. I use many of the same techniques as I would in my other massages, but some are modified to ensure they are suitable for whatever stage of pregnancy you are in. 

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Pregnancy and birth puts your body through a lot of stress. Add in lifting and carrying babies (and sometimes other children), breastfeeding, pushing prams and they can all add to muscular tension and take their toll on your neck, shoulders, back... Non optimal postural alignment and muscle dysfunction can play a role in poor diastasis healing and pelvic floor dysfunction and C Section scarring can feel tight and restrictive and be the source of hip and lower back pain. Soft tissue therapy treatments in the post natal period will help you to recover well, alleviate aches and pains, and give you some all important 'me' time. 


Please allow 75 minutes for the first appointment to allow time for any additional health screening and assessments. 

I can also be mobile for group bookings so if you have a group of friends who are all interested and have somewhere that I can set up, then I can travel to you (minimum booking time of 3 hours to be used as you like, e.g. 3 x 60 minute sessions or 6 x 30 minute sessions).


£45 for a 60 minute treatment

£65 for a 90 minute treatment (more time if you have lots of aches and pains to deal with!)

£120 for 3 x 60 minute treatments

Email: Phone: 07527154675.