Sports Massage And Soft Tissue Therapy

Vanessa Skelton

Vanessa Skelton Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy providing services in Edinburgh city centre and Portobello to help treat sports injuries and ease chronic pain

A New Start in Edinburgh

So the big news is that my boyfriend has been offered a great job up in Edinburgh and I am going to be moving up to Scotland to join him. This means that with a lot of sadness I will be closing my practice in Tamworth at the end of July and starting all over again in Edinburgh. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me. I have enjoyed every minute of it and it really wouldn't have been possible without you all. 

Starting all over again and trying to find new customers is incredibly difficult. If you have found the service I offer beneficial, please please please can you consider taking a few minutes of your time to leave me a review. Most people find me on Facebook or on Google so if you are able to leave a review on both, that would be really helpful. Also, if you know anyone in Edinburgh, please share my details with them! 

For any of my new potential customers in Edinburgh finding this blog, I have use of a room in Portobello initially and am exploring options of other city centre clinic rooms. Keep checking back for further updates. Also if you know of a great space that can be used (i.e. in a gym or at a sports club), please let me know.

Email: Phone: 07527154675.